My fingers are far from the pulse when it comes to what’s popular with the kids these days. I noticed this when I turned on a radio station and didn’t recognize eight consecutive songs, and they all sounded the same to me. I’m past my prime (some may even argue I never had a prime). Quite frankly, I felt like this man…

You know whose fingers are directly on the pulse of what the kids are into?  This guy…

There are no words

That’s right, this guy is propositioning Tebow using a popular song by Carly Rae Jepsen, and he’s clearly not shy about it.  Sure, he could be holding this sign for a girlfriend (maybe they have an open relationship) or a daughter. But I’m just going to go ahead and say he has a serious man-crush since he painstakingly created this sign and was infuriated when his daughter ran out of glitter-glue.

Although I applaud his forward thinking, I feel his song selection could have been better.  Might I suggest this classic…

Come on Tebow, lend this this man a jar of love, or at least call him baby.

Thanks. Sportressofblogitude

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