Yesterday, we told you that Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson was visiting Dr. James Andrews to discuss possible surgery on his left knee to remove loose cartilage. Today, it’s being reported that he will, in fact, undergo arthroscopic surgery, and he could miss the entire preseason.

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson is tentatively scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery Thursday to remove a “hang nail particle” of loose cartilage that is irritating his left knee, but the rookie is expected to return before the regular-season opener, according to sources.

This is a good news/bad news/possibly horrific future news scenario for the Browns. The good news is their first0round pick (3rd overall) from April’s draft should be ready to run by the beginning of the regular season. The bad news is that it’ll probably take him several weeks to get into game shape and adapt to receiving frequent NFL touches. As for the possibly horrific future news: this is already the second knee surgery for Richardson this year.

In February he had arthroscopic surgery on the same knee to repair a torn meniscus he suffered while playing for Alabama in the BCS national championship game.

I know in the sports world these are considered minor surgeries, but I can’t help but think that Richardson will have chronic problems in his left knee for the rest of his career, and once you lose mobility and power in your knee, your effectiveness as a running back is greatly diminished. For a position that already has an exceptionally short shelf life, having a bum wheel will make it even shorter.

I’m not suggesting to the good people of Cleveland that the sky is falling or that Richardson should be taken out back, shot like a horse with a broken leg, and sent to the glue factory (I mean this isn’t the set of HBO’s Luck). I’m just saying that maybe it’s time to temper your expectations of what your third overall pick may be capable of in the future.

Clevelanders (is this what they’re called?) have suffered long enough. With marquee players and even entire professional sports franchises escaping to greener pastures, they deserve a little success, and I hope Richardson comes back and rushes for 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns.

I also hope that if he does do this, that I’m able to draft him in our office fantasy football league.

I suck at fantasy football.