We’ll have more on this tomorrow morning once I finish watching every game from earlier tonight in its entirety, and then sleep for several minutes.

But, um, boom goes the dynamite.

That happened on Ryan Mathews’ first carry during the Chargers’ first series in their first preseason game. Between Michael Vick getting injured — although not seriously — tonight and Mathews going down, we can rest safely knowing that the Earth is rotating in a normal, circular fashion.

As both a writer and a fan, long ago I lost the ability to genuinely feel sorry for players during their injury battles. This is what they signed up for, and they did it quite willingly knowing the perils of their profession. And hey, Mathews isn’t dead, dying, or stricken with a plague of some kind, and on the high end of that recovery timetable he’ll miss three-to-four games.

But this is a running back who had 1,091 rushing yards last year despite missing two games. This year after the Chargers allowed Mike Tolbert to walk, he was set to explode with a heavy workload, and make the leap to become a top five back.

He still might do that, but after missing six games over his first two seasons, Mathews is off to yet another painful start.