There’s a Subway somewhere in or around Buffalo (or maybe all of the Subways that make all of the sandwiches in Buffalo) that has a genius plan. Lure people in with decadent gourmet cookies.

The details are minimal, but this ad was in the Bills program distributed at the team’s preseason opener last night against the Redskins.

(via Adam Kramer)

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Since the ad was in a game program, we can assume the offer is only valid for home games. And for fun, let’s also assume that it applies to more than just last night’s game (last night was a cookie score, with the Bills losing 7-6…mmmm defense).

Unfortunately, last year the Bills only had two games at Ralph Wilson Stadium when they didn’t cross the 20-point cookie line. This year isn’t looking too promising either, because the only really imposing defense that visits Buffalo belongs to the Jets, a team that held the Bills to 11 points in Week 12 last year.

There’s still hope with the Dolphins too, a defense that limited Buffalo to a combined 31 points over two games in 2011. There will be optimism followed by bitter depression this season in upstate New York (there always is), and nothing drowns sorrows quite like chocolate chips, or a chewy peanut butter creation.

And while fans are choking down that paltry offensive production with a soothing glass of milk, they can glance through other local ads in their morning paper and be sold season tickets with a promotional picture of an end zone punt…