Tim Tebow must be getting used to fans having some sort of creepy obsession with him. Last week, a grown man channeled his inner Carly Rae Jepsen and pleaded for Tebow to “call him baby”. Yesterday, a couple of girls showed up to Jets practice holding these two gems…

“Tim you put the stud in bible study” is Billy Shakespeare level word play, and wins the award for most innocent use of sexual harassment in stadium sign history.

“We drove 7 hours just to get a hug from Tim Tebow” Ii slightly creepier but still smacks of wholesomeness. All she wanted was a hug and she was willing to drive for seven hours to get it.

I’m basically unwilling to drive for seven hours for anything short of a lifetime supply of 20 dollar bills and the love of a good woman who doesn’t make me pay hourly for her services. It takes real (insane) commitment to drive for seven hours on the off chance that a back-up quarterback may see your sign and give you a hug.

Still, though, these girls have a lot to learn about fandom. Cutesy signs and questionable wordplay just don’t cut it in the world of NFL obsession. They need is to take a few lessons from Raider Nation…

they put the "stud" in study of terrifying fan bases

Thanks, Seth Walder