‘Tis the season for cringes whenever that awful thwack of equipment colliding rings out over the practice field. That sound is always cause for alarm, but especially during training camp, when a key player could potentially be lost for the season before he’s contributed during even a single meaningful snap.

We’re pushing ahead to a time when the world is abandoned on Sundays and Monday and Thursday nights for football consumption. But we’re still nearly a month (27 days) away from the day when most teams open the regular season, leaving plenty of time for busted bones and tweaked muscles during preseason games, or worse, routine practice drills. Chargers running back Ryan Mathews is already out for up to six weeks, the same amount of time that Pat Angerer will be sidelined after the Colts’ middle linebacker who had 148 tackles last year fractured his foot during yesterday’s preseason win over St. Louis.

The Eagles already dodged a potentially damaging blow after Michael Vick’s hand injury was little more than a contusion. Now they’ll need to seduce lady luck again after a scary incident today in practice involving defensive backs Nnamdi Asomugha and Nate Allen.

Perhaps a sign using clever word alliteration will work.

Asomugha sustained the worst of the collision when the two were chasing a deep ball thrown to DeSean Jackson. Tim McManus has the details:

With DeSean Jackson streaking down the sideline, both Allen and Asomugha moved in and leapt in the air to try and break up a Michael Vick pass. They collided and fell to the ground. Allen got up fairly quickly but Asomugha stayed down as teammates took a knee around him. Within a few minutes he began stirring and rose to his knees as the crowd cheered. He eventually made it to his feet, was assisted to the cart and taken inside.

“He looked alright. He was smiling a little bit and talking. It’s not like he was out of it or concussed or anything,” said Allen.

A story that’s scary at first gets a little more promising with the hopeful prognosis from Dr. Allen. The Eagles later said that Asomugha has a lip laceration and a sore neck, and he’s being evaluated for a concussion.

We have no desire to make a leaping run for a conclusion here, and instead we’ll just stay with generic fence riding. We know little more than that right now, and there’s a possibility that Asomugha could have a concussion. Brain matter is never something to mess with, because it’s a required part of the human neurological system. Some may even say that it’s the central part of said system, but to our knowledge that hasn’t been scientifically proven yet.

Concussions are a fickle, unpredictable injury. Asomugha has a bit of a concussion history, with his most recent head knock coming last December against the Seahawks, meaning if he suffered a concussion today it’ll be his second in just nine months. He didn’t miss any time last year, though, and since we’re still in mid-August, it would presumably take a severe concussion to keep Asomugha out of any regular-season action.