We should probably step away from Chad Johnson for a little bit, since we’ve now had three straight posts dealing with his ungraceful exit from Miami. Or maybe we won’t, because if there’s something that brings me great joy, it’s talking about an unemployed player who doesn’t stop talking.

Anywho, we return to Johnsongate again briefly to note an interesting comment from head coach Joe Philbin when he spoke to the Miami media following practice this morning. Most assumed that Johnson wasn’t given the normal amount of strikes that figurative life batters typically face, an assumption supported by the minimal contract he was given, his behavioral history, and the fact that Philbin is more strict than your grandfather who was raised on moon pies and 10-cent movies.

Last night Pro Football Talk even reported that Johnson was on a “one strike” arrangement with the Dolphins. So yeah, there you go, right? Well no, maybe not.

Johnson may have been dealing with a far wider strike zone, but he was still given multiple opportunities. And according to Philbin, he failed, and it became clear the relationship between a brash, loud receiver, and young rebuilding team with a rookie quarterback who could start Week 1 wasn’t going to work out.

“It was more a body of evidence from June…in my gut I didn’t feel the fit was going to be good for either party,” Philbin told reporters, including Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. This shows that while Johnson’s domestic incident over the weekend was likely the heaviest straw, and it was only one of many in a pile that finally broke.

The timeline Philbin gives is interesting, and shows that predictably, Johnson’s behavior was under intense scrutiny from the moment he was signed. Johnson agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins on June 11, and although he was on good behavior at first he soon started to be himself, conducting a fun profanity-laced press conference that led to a sit down in the principal’s office with Philbin.

In the police report from Saturday night Johnson’s wife Evelyn Lozada claims that he said “I don’t give a f— about my career!”. If he said that, it was probably a regrettable comment made during a moment of anger. We’re far more concerned about Johnson’s next career, and his stated goal if he was ever cut from the Dolphins. He said that he’d go into porn.

Just be careful with those condom receipts, Chad. Permanent cobweb mode awaits.