Mike Wallace’s hesitation to report to training camp is to some degree understandable, but it’s still mostly baffling and devoid of any common sense whatsoever. Every NFL career is a fleeting existence, and while he’s still young and still valuable, Wallace needs to maximize every avenue for leverage that he has to get the most money and the greatest commitment from his team.

That’s a simple, fundamental principle which applies to every NFL contract situation. Although the details will always differ, Wallace isn’t unique in the sense that he needs to maximize his value. The problem is that in his case, holding out and not reporting to camp isn’t productive, and it’s accomplishing absolutely nothing. As a restricted free agent, his options are to either sign the fully guaranteed, one-year contract worth $2.7 million he’s been given or…yeah.

With his holdout continuing, he’s creating far more negatives than positives. We’re now halfway through training camp, and Wallace also didn’t attend the spring mini camps. That means he’s far behind during the implementation of Todd Haley’s new offense. Although he still has great value as a deep option, so does Antonio Brown, and the longer Wallace is gone, the greater his chances of becoming a memory increase as Emmanuel Sanders gets more reps too.

Since he’s come this far with his holdout and since the Steelers remain adamant that they won’t trade him, from the players’ standpoint it only makes sense if he keeps it going into the regular season, and through to Week 10 before reporting so he can still get credit for a year of accrued service. There’s also the chance that he could gain leverage once the season starts and the Steelers possibly discover that Brown isn’t quite ready for No. 1 receiver duty after all.

Apparently, he likely won’t do that, which further shows that Wallace isn’t a fan of common sense. He hates thinking.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that although he could change his mind, it’s expected that Wallace will report to the Steelers prior to Week 1. If and when that happens, what exactly will his holdout have accomplished other than creating a sour relationship with the Steelers’ front office? The only minor accomplishment will be avoiding a training camp injury, but it’ll come at the cost of being significantly behind in Haley’s offense, and possibly losing his No. 1 wideout job briefly to start the season.

If that happens, Wallace’s numbers could also suffer, and so could his paycheck next offseason when he tries to get paid. Again.

So basically, by continuing this holdout and then reporting prior to Week 1, it’s clear that Wallace is getting advice from the underpants gnomes…

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