One of the biggest sins a boyfriend can commit, aside from leaving the toilet seat up, is to propose to his girlfriend at a sporting event. Leave this brand of grand romantic gesture to crappy rom-coms and even crappier W-network television series’, because if it goes wrong, it goes catastrophically wrong.


Generally, you should just save yourself the public embarrassment and propose in a more intimate setting. That way, if you’re rejected, you won’t be subject to the catcalls and boos of thousands of strangers who are witnessing the worst day of your life as you weep into your $12 domestic beer.

On the other hand, if you’re proposal gets a hand off from New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, you might have a shot at her saying yes.

On Sunday after practice, Giants fan Bryan Wheeler (who was probably on the verge of vomiting) had Weatherford hand his girlfriend Jacklene this ball…

Luckily for Bryan, Jacklene said yes, and he was spared the embarrassment of sobbing openly, and no doubt loudly, in front of his favorite football team.

So how did Bryan get Weatherford in on his plan?  According to Weatherford, he just asked.

“I think he contacted our community relations people and requested that the craziest guy on the team help him out,” Weatherford said. “I don’t think he had to look too far down the roster…Obviously whenever you get to do something like that, it’s flattering because it makes you realize how important you are to a lot of people. The guy hopefully, cross your fingers, is only going to get married once, and I was the one to help him get engaged.”

I still don’t think proposals at sporting events are a good idea, but if you feel your significant other will only agree to marry you to avoid extreme public scrutiny (the women that reject these proposals are given the Chris Bosh in Toronto treatment), then I suggest you have Steve Weatherford pop the question for you. He’s one for one.

Thanks, Sportsgrid