Generally, when someone signs up to have a needle repeatedly puncture their skin and an image imprinted on their body for eternity, the image of their choosing is something they feel passionate about. There are, of course, exceptions to this, like the bros wearing sparkly Ed hardy shirts who have spider webs around their elbows, or the bro-ettes(?) with butterflies, well, anywhere.

Football fans are a different breed of insane, so there is no halfway. Also, when they decide to dedicate part of their body to their fandom, there’s no part, and an entire region of the body is consumed by ink. Most often it’s men who pursue these body-devouring tats, and the resulting feedback is two fold, and both negative and positive.

Firstly, the male in question gains the utmost respect from the fellow members of his male species, though in fairness, that’s a pretty low bar because male respect can also be achieved by taking a very large crap. Secondly, the generously tattooed-man often has minimal intercourse with the opposite sex, which coincidentally can also be achieved by taking a very large crap.

The most ideal canvas for a massive, flesh eating tattoo is the back. During the height of #Tebowtime, we saw an epic scrolling back tattoo that’s now rather regrettable, just like the Patriots fan with a Gronk tattoo filled with filthy lies.

At least there’s some legacy oozing into this man’s Steelers ink. But the new-found virginity remains the same.

(via Busted Coverage)

So who ya got? Steelers Lombardi Trophy guy, or Redskins hall of fame list guy?