After Doc died, Little Mac just didn't have the heart to keep boxing. So he joined the Packers...he also grew three feet and lifted all of the weights.

NFL training camps are a grueling test of a man’s will to succeed at the ultimate athletic level. Jobs are won and lost on the torn-up turf of practice fields, as rookies try to assert themselves and crack a lineup, and aging veterans struggle to stay relevant.

It’s during these grinding times that we should all try to find some humor, and something to make us smile amid the chaos of two-a-days and 300-pound behemoths pushing tackling sleds while coaches curse and scream clichés between whistle screeches.

Seriously, though, this was just a roundabout way of saying I found some training camp pictures and I decided to attempt writing hilarious captions.

The Jaguars signed Leon Q. Robitarm, a former Colts backup QB. Robitarm replaced Blaine Gabbert after he was able to complete at least one pass in practice.

It was supposed to be "New Car," but all Kellen could smell was "anus."

For some unknown reason, Stephon Gilmore was constantly blaming things on the rain

The last known photograph of Romeo Crennel smiling

With the recent rash of running back injuries, teams are desperately scouring Pop Warner leagues and pre-schools in a vain attempt to find the next Barry Sanders.

Twelve years later, Riley Reiff finally learned about the cancellation of Freaks and Geeks

Well, that wasn’t a home run, but I’d say it was at least a solid double. Seeing eye single? Sacrifice bunt? Hit by a pitch? OK fine, I probably struck out there, but at least I fouled a couple off before I whiffed.

You think this is easy? Feel free to make your own captions in the comments, and see what you can come up with. Maybe I’ll even feature them in a future post.