Fantasy football is serious business. It’s an eternal struggle on the virtual gridiron that can inflate egos, destroy friendships, and ruin your new 60-inch LCD TV after you smash it with a beer bottle because Peyton Manning can’t complete a pass to save his life (he’s clearly doing this to you on purpose because he knows you need a win this week to make the playoffs).

Here at 100 Yards and Running, we’re committed to getting you all of the latest fantasy coverage. But before you start sifting through draft-rankings, team projections, and injury reports, you need to make the most important decision of your fantasy season (and possibly your entire life).

You need to choose your fantasy football team name.

There are dozens of ways you can go about choosing a team name. So let’s begin…

It can be a mash-up between a player name and a pop culture reference.

Rice Rice Baby

Favre Dollar Footlong

Where the F*@& is (Mike) Wallace?

Anquan Boldin the Beautiful

An irreverent reference to a specific player or team.

Wes Welker’s Failing Follicles.

There’s Piss in my Blood

The Boiling Condoms

The Detroit DUIs

Asante Samuel’s Thickness (A Sean Tomlinson creation, possibly the greatest team name ever)

My personal favourite: Simpsons references.


Kirk Van Houten’s Borrowed Feelings


Snack Related Mishap

Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo

In Rod We Trust

My personal fantasy football team name: Tom Selleck’s Moustache Combs. Feel free to make some suggestions in the comments and I’ll feature the best ones in a future post.

Pic via Mint Life

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  1. taking a page from night at the roxbury, my team name last year “And I was like Juliooo”

  2. Mine this year is Gym, Manning, Laundry… found that to be pretty neat

    My NHL pool name this year was Moves Like Jagr

    feel free to use either. I havent copyrighted any of them, yet will accept royalties ;)

  3. The Art Vandelay’s
    The Larry David’s

  4. nothing special, just a classic: team RamRod

  5. Only one team name has stuck and it’s based on a real news story that came out of Edmonton a few years back…Tent City Pimps.

  6. 2012 Name: Hester? I Hardly Know Her!

  7. Easy. Off in the Woods. What will you say when you win. I beat….

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