Kenny Britt is on a very Vickian level of injury frustration. At every position there’s a handful of especially injury-prone players, but one usually feeds your anguish.

Running back? Darren McFadden. Quarterback? Yep, Michael Vick. Wide receiver? All Britt.

When we talk about these sources of anger that lead to mangled keyboards, we’re not doing it out of surprise. No, not at all, which is why you should pay the appropriate price for a player of Britt’s ilk, and then fortify your wide receiver corps with more quality depth. The same can be said for Vick and McFadden.

But the thing about expectations is that they never really go away if we’re teased consistently, and Britt is the worst wideout tease. Last year he played in just two full games, yet he still had over 130 receiving yards in both of them, and 289 yards overall. Then he tore his ACL, and had to have offseason surgery on both knees. And while he was recovering, he decided that pulling into a military base after consuming a few alcoholic beverages was a bright idea. He was arrested for the eighth time (!!!) in his career, and this time he’ll almost surely be suspended for a handful of games.

Yet still, the Britt allure will linger, which is why he quite appropriately leads our first injury roundup post. During the season these will be posted at minimum four times a week after practice between Wednesday and Friday, and then again Saturday afternoon with any more developments that could impact your roster decisions. For now, they’ll be a little more sporadic, and they’ll surface whenever there’s enough black and blue to warrant some compilation action.

But back to Britt. Let’s assume he’s suspended for at least two games, because that seems to be the trendy number being tossed around. You’ll factor that into your hopeful draft discount and your calculated risk in the form of a late-round flier (likely in the 13th round). That suspension may actually help Britt in his recovery, with his wobbly knees given a few more weeks to heal.

Sure, some extra time would be nice, and it should give you a bit more confidence while slotting the Titans receiver in as your high-end WR3 for 14 games. But he may not need it, as Britt said that if he’s allowed to play in Week 1, he’s hoping to be out there, even though he’s still not quite ready to practice yet after having a setback and a clean-up procedure done in June.

From Titans Insider:

“It seems like every day I’m getting closer, but you’ve got some good days and some great days, and then one of those days where your knee feels really sore, and you feel like you need to back it up and things like that,” Britt said. “Hopefully, I’ll get back for the first week of the regular season or maybe even closer than that. I’m just taking it a day at a time.”

Britt said the soreness in his knee returned one day last week on a day away from running. But he was glad there was not swelling.

“I went probably seven days straight with no rest and I felt great trying it out running. I was doing everything in the weight room and on the field and getting better each day. And then they gave me a day off to rest my legs, and it got a little sore, but there was no puffing up or no swelling, and I’m happy about that,” Britt said.

So he’s close, and he’s saying there’s a chance, but it’s still not sounding like he’ll be ready for the opener. Again, that doesn’t matter, because sheriff Goodell almost definitely won’t allow him to play in that game anyway.

But with the progress he’s making, if you invest in Britt at the right price, you could get a high-end receiver at late-round value.

Look out, here comes more hurt…

  • The Raiders won’t “baby” Mcfadden, which won’t end well. []
  • Doug Baldwin went under the knife for a minor hamstring procedure. Don’t worry, he’s fine. [Seattle Times]
  • Vick doesn’t have any broken bones or fractured cartilage. Nope, he has a contusion of his ribs and the soft tissue surrounding them, and Andy Reid said he’ll be ready to play in the season opener. [The Associated Press]
  • Ken Whisenhunt says there aren’t any concerns about Beanie Wells’ knee, a feeling that might last until two weeks into the regular season. [Arizona Republic]
  • Dez Bryant is playing against the Giants on opening night. Just ask him. [ESPN Dallas]
  • For anyone eying the Steelers defense or a certain head-hunting linebacker in IDP leagues, James Harrison is still targeting Week 1 for his return. [USA Today]