The ongoing drama between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is well documented. Goodell suspended Vilma for the entire season as part of the Saints bountygate scandal, and Vilma in turn sued Goodell for defamation of character. Then last week a U.S. district judge said “If I can find a way to legally do it, I will rule in Vilma’s favor”.

Now Vilma is dropping the hammer. He’s denying Goodell one of his basic rights as an American citizen: his right to gorge on as much delicious BBQ as possible.

Vilma co-owns Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Miami (along with D.J. Williams and Jon Beason), and this sign was posted on the front door and inside the dining room.

He looks so sad

That’s right, Roger Goodell, even with your millions you’ll never be able to eat ribs or pulled pork again! Well, I guess he can always go somewhere else to eat delicious pork products, but I still find it delightful that there’s a restaurant on this planet that will serve the likes of me, but would turn down someone like Goodell.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy a rack of ribs like I do every morning. Roger, if you’re lucky, I’ll send you the leftovers.

Photo via @JeremyIvans13