Bill Belichick stared lovingly into Andy Reid’s moustache, and said the words Reid had been longing to hear “Andy,” Bill said softly, “There’s an entire chicken wing stuck in your cookie-duster.”

It’s that time of the week folks, garbage time.

A time where you can grab an alcoholic beverage, sit back, and count down the hours until the weekend. While you count down those hours (and pray that your boss doesn’t catch you swigging that booze), join me as I review pictures from this week’s NFL exhibition games, and struggle to write hilarious captions.

This is not a sign. Sean Payton just overdosed on brain and nerve tonic and it caused gigantism (reportedly, there was a party in his mouth and everyone was invited).

And now we know what happened to that banjo playing kid from Deliverance.

It had been a harrowing six days, but Jay Cutler was finally able to emerge from the gullet of Refrigerator Perry.

Jimmy, there are more subtle ways to cover your erection. Ever try the tuck?

He’s not called “Mr. Blue” because he’s the biggest Colts fan on the planet. He’s called Mr. Blue because he’s clearly sad and incredibly lonely.

These photos left me with some questions.

What other foodstuffs do you think are crammed into Reid’s moustache? Is Derek Carrier’s haircut the greatest crime ever committed to the scalp? Do you think I did a horrific job captioning these photos?

The answers to these questions are: a leg of lamb, yes, and if you think I did a terrible job, I want you to write your own captions in the comments.