Mike Wallace is fully expected to report to the Steelers today, and finally sign his contract and end his useless holdout. But he’s been expected to report nearly every day for the past week or so. Will today be different? Will the question of where the f@#% is Wallace finally be answered? Where’s the cream filling?

This calls for Wallace Watch 2012, which is infinitely more fun than lockout watch, although I still miss Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana. So, where the f@#% is Wallace right now as I write this? Well, at the airport of course.

That’s the word according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, a report graciously brought to us by Rotoworld’s Evan Silva. Steelers officials picked him up at the airport this morning, and we’ve yet to receive word on whether or not they were armed.

It’s still quite confusing as to why Wallace took this long to report. His holdout was indeed useless, but his motivations were two fold. Firstly, he wanted some straight cash homey, and then when it became apparent that more greenery wouldn’t land in his pocket — especially after Antonio Brown received his contract — Wallace simply didn’t want to get hurt during training camp. But the possibility of an injury exists in every practice, and the gruesome two-a-days in the August heat were completed over a week ago.

Since his delay lingered he’s now created another little opening week problem for those of us who own or are about to own Wallace on our fake teams, which is the most important ramification of his actions. Assuming that car from the airport doesn’t divert to a shady back alley where dice are rolled or something and Wallace signs his restricted free agent tender today, he still can’t practice for three days under the new CBA rules.

That means he’ll have only one week of practice to absorb Todd Haley’s new offense that’s notoriously complex for receivers. Consequently, while he’ll play and contribute, it seems unlikely that Wallace will be Pittsburgh’s primary receiver and play a major role during their opening week game against the Broncos.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t start Wallace, because his speed and boom potential should never be left on your bench. But just knock those expectations down a few notches for one week, and if possible structure the rest of your lineup to compensate for numbers that are below Wallace’s norm.

The other problem that’s yet to be determined is exactly what Wallace’s norm will be following Brown’s late-season rise last year, and his big money contract. The pieces are in place for a platoon of sorts on the Steelers’ WR depth chart, with Wallace and Brown being 1 (A) and 1 (B), and there won’t be a clear separation between the two.

And now the links part of the links post…

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