Earlier our boy Scott Lewis made a very special guest cameo appearance as he climbed out from his gaming bunker to review the latest installment in the Madden series. Now gaze upon the glory of the game’s moving pictures, and then promptly contract a disease of some kind which requires immediate attention.

If you have to, break a body part to leave the office early. Preferably a finger or toe, but if your boss is hardcore, then a leg or arm may be necessary.

As another addition to our still somewhat new blogging home (the new car smell is gone now, and oddly in its place is new shower curtain smell), we’ll be using this “Virtual fantasy” category tag throughout the season to simulate the games each week, and to make projections based on fantasy-related storylines. If, for example, Tim Tebow takes over for Mark Sanchez, we’ll simulate that week’s Jets game and provide commentary as we see if virtual Timmay can complete a forward pass with some degree of consistency.

Ultimately, game simulating is a completely arbitrary and meaningless exercise, and providing fantasy projections based on virtually-generated numbers is oh so meta. But it’s fun, and if playing Madden and writing about it is wrong, I’m not sure that I can live in this world much longer.