The art of “Tebowing” is an embarrassing blight on our society. It’s like a quasi-religious planking, and planking is for people who deserve to have entire ovens dropped on their heads while their seed is simultaneously wiped from the planet (maybe I’m being a little harsh, but they still deserve the whole oven connecting with skull thing).

Very few times has Tebowing seemed like a necessary alternative to standing. That’s because standing — along with sitting — just seems like something one does when they’ve decided to stop walking. It’s quite natural

New Orleans weatherman Jim Cantore may have found the only practical use for Tebowing: trying to stay upright during a hurricane.

Cantore made Tebowing seem badass (which science believed was impossible). As he stood there getting hammered by the 80 mile-an-hour winds and torrential (not to mention, sideways) downpour of hurricane Isaac, Cantore uttered this sentence…

“For whatever it’s worth, I hope I’m making Tebow proud.”

No Mr. Cantore, you don’t need Tim Tebow’s admiration. That’s because you, fine sir, have set the standard for what Tebowing should be about. From now on this act shall be known as “Cantoring”. Now if only I had the kind of power to make such a proclamation.

Also, seriously dude, you should probably get inside. It’s looking kind of wet out there.

Thanks Awful Announcing