Kenny Britt has shown that he lacks a fundamental understanding of the core laws of our society as they relate to alcohol, and driving, and obeying police officers. He’s been arrested eight times in his three-year career (!!!), the latest coming this past offseason when he decided that approaching a military base after downing the contents of a few brown bottles was a wise move.

Surely his stupidity will eventually accumulate to earn a longer suspension, and he’ll sit out for a minimum of three games, right? If you thought that, you weren’t aware of the flawed NFL disciplinary system. Britt has been suspended for only one game, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

Surely he can do better than that, because a proud idiot like Britt can’t possibly be satisfied with a mere single game punishment. In case you’re keeping score, it was determined that a one-game suspension is sufficient to deliver Britt his lesson after eight arrests, while Lions running back Mikel Leshoure received two games after his two arrests. Never change, NFL wheel of justice.

But we care very little about that, because as long as the wheel remains wobbly, fantasy owners benefit from the erratic, Britt-esque driving. Britt is/was a draft day steal.

Firstly, not only is this suspension shorter than expected (two games was the widely speculated length, with three a possibility), it’s also utterly meaningless for Britt, and therefore for you if you own or are hopefully about to own him. Britt tore an ACL in Week 3 last year and had to have offseason surgery on both knees, and although he was progressing steadily and hoping to be ready for Tennessee’s season opener, the Titans were likely preparing to strap on their kid gloves and sit him down for one week anyway.

So this suspension is oddly beneficial, with the NFL now forcing Britt to shut it down and recover for one more week. That means you’re also benefiting since you can be more confident in Britt’s health, although that confidence only goes so far with a player who’s missed 16 games over the last two seasons.

The risk associated with Britt’s muscle tearing hobby his minimized by the absurdly low price you paid if you already drafted. As of this writing, Britt’s average draft position is 133rd overall in leagues, and 106th overall in ESPN leagues. That’s a bit of a gap (alright, a three-round gap), but either way Britt was still available in the 10th round and beyond due to the fear of a suspension, and possibly losing him for nearly a quarter of the season.

If Britt’s suspension was for three games, suddenly owners in leagues where the playoffs start in Week 14 are looking at only having him for 10 games of the fantasy regular season. That’s a significant subtraction from your lineup regardless of the low draft price.

Now that fear is long gone, and Britt’s ADP will climb quickly. But if you’ve already drafted and nabbed a wideout who had 289 receiving yards and three touchdowns over just three games last year, you may commence league blasting now.