The New York Jets have transformed into one of sports media’s favorite punching bags, and after the Super Bowl success of their Gotham brethren, their mediocrity has been magnified.

They’re a team with seemingly no faith in their starting quarterback, and they have a back-up quarterback who’s more famous for his grilled cheese poses and shirtless jaunts in the rain, than for his ability to hit a receiver in the hands from more than 15 yards away (re: he can’t throw).

The Jets have become the laughingstock of New York, not because they’re the worst team in the NFL, but because they’re painfully average. In a world of 32 flavors, the Jets are vanilla. No, scratch that, the Jets are the cone, essentially empty on the inside.

Fine, I’m not sure where I was going with that analogy. I admit, it was a bit (extremely) heavy handed.

The New York Post is much better at ripping the Jets than I am. In fact, they hit them with a giant mallet and a series of pies while simultaneously spraying them in the face with a seltzer bottle. They printed this picture…

This picture makes my heart smile for three reasons:

  1. Mark Sanchez looks like the saddest clown that has ever existed.
  2. Even the clown version of Tim Tebow can’t throw a tight spiral. That guy needs to go back to clown college* to work on his mechanics.
  3. They didn’t even have to change Rex Ryan’s wardrobe

*Tim, the semester has just started, there’s still time to enroll.*

Thanks to Will Brinson