The Texans make injured players wear half shirts during practice.

Yesterday, I told you not to worry about Arian Foster. Since I know you wait for my permission to feel any human emotion, you may now begin to become fearful about Arian Foster.

Foster left practice early Thursday due to a knee injury suffered during non-contact drills, which are often the scariest, bendiest injuries. At that point we were assured that his absence was merely precautionary following the incident. So we should believe that today after he didn’t practice again, right? RIGHT?

Oh man. Ignite the fantasy flameout sequence and seek higher ground, because although Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is saying nice, pleasant things, the mere listing of Foster as a likely game-time decision is a pretty tough way to start the season for the many, many soon-to-be lost souls who took him with their first overall pick.

And indeed that’s the case. Kubiak told the Houston Chronicle that Foster’s status may not be decided until shortly before game time prior to Houston’s early kickoff at home against the Dolphins. Foster said he has pain in the “area around his knee,” but added that he still intends to start.

Ultimately, though, it’s not up to him, as is the case with any injured player. While the Dolphins’ defense is solid, the Texans’ defense may be able to score and create enough points to secure a win while pounding Ryan Tannehill, a rookie quarterback making his first career start. Combine that with the presence of Ben Tate — who had 942 yards last year while serving as a backup, and that included four 100-yard games — and if the concern surrounding Foster’s knee is anything more than mild, there’s little reason to take a risk during a Week 1 game that should be a very easy win without him.

So there goes your heart, breaking Ralph Wiggum styles. Simmer, because while this is quite sudden and frightening, Foster could still play. But there are probably many Foster owners who weren’t able to handcuff Tate since he was one of the most coveted backups due to his high-end production even while behind Foster.

If you’re one of those owners crying beneath beer cans right now without Tate or an RB3 you’re really confident in, good luck on the waiver wire. The only starting RB who’s widely available if you’re desperately scouring for an emergency fill-in is Ronnie Brown, the Chargers’ likely starter since Ryan Mathews still hasn’t been cleared for contact yet. Brown will face a mediocre Raiders run defense, but that matters little with his rapidly deteriorating abilities. He averaged 3.7 yards per carry on 15 preseason attempts.

Hey, remember all those times in the middle of August when I repeated that there’s no safe draft pick, and that especially applies to running backs?

Yeah. This.