Yeah, it’s early, and it’s too early to panic, and blah blah something something. And we fully expected this, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suck any less for Matt Forte owners when those expectations become reality, and slowly Michael Bush siphons six points away from your RB1 stud after an otherwise very successful drive.

In short, here was the anatomy of Bush’s birth as a touchdown vulture during the Bears’ first scoring drive of the 2012 season.

  • The drive covered 80 yards, with little help from a struggling Jay Cutler who’s still be battered behind a less than adequate offensive line. He completed only two of his seven attempts, after starting the game with just one completion over his first eight tries. It was so very Cutler of him.
  • Of those 80 yards, Forte accounted for 50 of them with two carries, one of which was for 35 yards.
  • Then when it came time to finish the job, Forte was on the bench while Michael Bush received two goal-line carries, scoring on the second one.

This may be disappointing, but it’s a development we saw coming the moment Bush signed in Chicago this offseason. And although those touchdowns and the six fantasy points that come with them would be rather swell, Forte is capable of being one of the most productive RBs even with minimal scoring.

Remember, we’re talking about a running back who had just three touchdowns last year, despite finishing with 997 rushing yards on 4.9 yards per carry even though his season ended four games early. He still had 168 fantasy points, and taking that lack of scoring further, he only has 21 touchdowns over four seasons, and he’s yet to have a season with less than 900 rushing yards (he’s averaged 1,056 per season).

So relax, kick those feet up, and crack open another Pabst. Forte will be an elite running back, even if Bush is a vulturing jerk.