From this we can conclude one of two things:

1. Stevie Johnson is an absolute jerk who would rather spend his time dropping a few babies before game time than warming up with his teammates.

2. His groin is still a serious problem, and he either won’t play, or he’ll be severely limited against Darrelle Revis, and therefore nearly useless as a fantasy option.

Please, deliver the pain, Chris Brown from Inside the Bills

Stevie Johnson who warmed up for all of 10 minutes to test his ailing groin is not warming up with his fellow receivers.

The rest of the receiving corps is on the field with Ryan Fitzpatrick but Johnson is not out on the field.

We’ll know if he’s one of the inactives today very soon.

Yes we will, Chris, and we’ll pass that info along as it becomes available. For now, this doesn’t look good.

UPDATE: False alarm, as Johnson is playing and isn’t among the Bills’ inactives. I’m still something far less than optimistic about his chances of posting good numbers while dealing with a groin injury and Revis, but between posts I’ve started to prep that crow. Personally, I prefer to serve it with a hint of basil.

Pic via Chris Brown