Last August, Arian Foster was injured during training camp, and it was revealed that he’d likely miss the first week or two of the season. Since Foster is very active on Twitter, he immediately learned that for far too many, he’s just a number, and not a human.

That’s when he tweeted this:

“Those sincerely concerned, I’m doing OK & plan to B back by opening day. 4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick.”

Of course, the Internet took that quite well and filled Foster’s Twitter timeline with neanderthal vitriol, the highlight of which was someone who said that without fantasy football, Foster would be cleaning toilets. Because, you know, he only plays fantasy football, not real football.

When the backlash faded a bit, Foster then went on to explain that he loves fantasy football, and he’s even on his mom’s team, because of course his mother plays (quick aside: my mom is on both Facbook and Twitter, meaning she’s part of what I suspect is a rapidly growing segment of the motherly population that’s participating in social media, and she can tell me that dinner is ready digitally as I blog from her basement…what a world).

I mention all of this only because even if he didn’t intend to piss you off last summer, there’s a stark contrast between what Foster tweeted, and the very open and oddly apologetic embracing of fantasy football by Roddy White and DeAngelo Williams.

Here’s what White tweeted yesterday following an easy and impressive Falcons win over the Chiefs:

His team won 44-24. Yet White wants to get us more points, even though he had six catches for 87 yards, which is still a highly productive day worth about nine points in most leagues. What a nice man.

Then there’s Williams, who was truly awful, although in fairness it wasn’t entirely his fault. For some reason in a close game (the Panthers were beat 16-10 by the Bucs), Carolina’s offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski completely abandoned the run, and chose to forget that running is what his team does.

Williams still deserves to wear the fantasy dunce cap though for his brutal -1 yards on six carries (-0.2 yards per carry), which quite sadly ties a career low. And for that, he’s truly sorry.