Updating the concern, loathing, and fear we expressed earlier today regarding Greg Jennings and his groin, as expected the injury was enough to keep him out of practice today.

That means Jennings only has one more day to practice on even a limited basis to have a faint hope of playing Thursday night when the Packers host the Bears. Still hate you, short weeks.

There’s no bad waiver wire pickup here as a replacement for Jennings if you’re picking between Randall Cobb and James Jones. But I’m still favoring Jones for all the reasons I mentioned earlier while using all the words. Without repeating too much of that, I”ll highlight another point favoring the Jones pickup that I added in the comments of that post.

Cobb excels in the slot, and that’s a role he’ll likely remain in with Jones then sliding up to fill the gap out wide that’s left by Jennings. This means that Jones’ snaps will increase, while the increase Cobb sees will be more marginal since his role isn’t changing from his normal slot duty.

And what was the difference in usage Sunday between Cobb and Jones last week with the two in those roles, and with Jennings around? Please tell us, Sean from about four hours ago:

During Sunday’s game Jones was on the field for 61 of the 72 offensive plays Green Bay ran, while Cobb was in for 38.

So with that split and Cobb remaining as a slot receiver, you’re hoping for a home run catch from him, while Jones is more likely to receive a higher volume of targets while split out wide in Jennings’ absence.

That guy really knows his stuff.