The NFL is filled with macho dudes who look like they bench press dangerous animals while subsisting on a diet of only the reddest of meats (maybe they kill and eat the animal they just bench pressed). They are a brotherhood of men who play a violent sport filled with physical contact akin to a series of small, and in some cases large, car accidents.

Even while swimming in this sea of machismo, some players are comfortable enough with their manhood to comment on the handsomeness of a teammate. New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker is one of those players.

Welker thinks that Tom Brady is one handsome metrosexual, even after the QB‘s nose was crunched on Sunday by a Kamerion Wimbley sack.

“He’s such a good-looking guy. Obviously, he gets banged up, and he’s probably the toughest metrosexual I’ve ever come across.”

Welker isn’t wrong. With Brady’s tendency to wear UGG boots, his expanding scarf collection, and his association with the fashion industry, one could definitely argue that he’s a metrosexual. These facts, coupled with his on-field resiliency, definitely lend credence to Welker’s claim that Brady is the toughest metrosexual he’s ever encountered.

My problem isn’t with the statement itself. No, my problem is with Welker’s phrasing. I have the mentality of a 14-year-old, so the initial wording of the quote had me giggling (of the high-pitched variety) for a solid five minutes.

My immaturity aside, Welker had even more praise to heap on his good-looking, metrosexual friend.

“Any time you see your leader out there, going out there and taking hits like that and everything else. You ask him if it’s broken. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care. He loves football, and he loves playing. He does a great job.”

Pretty complimentary stuff. I’m not very attractive or tough, so the nicest thing a co-worker has ever said to me was “who let you in here?”