There’s gold in them there waiver wires. Some of it will help your fake football team win a fake championship and maybe even give you a fake trophy to put beside your real divorce papers. Other gold is of the foolish variety, and is reserved for that guy in your league who picks up and hoards every player who busts out, even though he didn’t know said players’ name a week ago. Every league has that guy, along with trade veto guy, inappropriate smack talk guy, and entire draft clock taker guy.

After their surprise Week 1 performances, Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree and Redskins running back Alfred Morris were two of the hottest adds throughout the fantasy land. In ESPN leagues over the past seven days, Ogletree’s ownership has risen 67.5 percent, while Morris’ has gone up 64.7.

So with many of you taking that plunge and buying low on Morris and/or Ogletree, who will give a better return on that early-season investment? I was asking that question too, and I decided it was a good idea to stop talking to myself, and maybe ask someone else. That someone was Chet Gresham, a regular contributor to Rotoworld, and the founder of The Fake Football.

1. Alfred Morris and Kevin Ogletree were two of the most added players this week off the waiver wire. Who has the better season and returns the best value for those who took a flier?

I usually go for the running back fliers, but I’m really not sold on Morris’ ability, even when given plenty of opportunities. The confluence of facing a poor rush defense in New Orleans and having a lead to run out clock with, won’t happen all that often.

Ogletree also had a nice set of circumstances, but I believe in his talent more and think he can hold onto that No.3 WR position all season, which was good to Laurent Robinson last year.

So I’ll lean Ogletree’s way.

2. Speaking of value, what kind of trade value do you think Peyton Manning has after his performance Sunday night? Is it wise to consider selling high if you’re in a league with a few QB-needy owners?

I’ve seen nothing that makes me think he’ll have trouble with his neck, so I think his value as a top 10  quarterback is stable. I don’t think he’s elite anymore, so if you can get elite value for him, I’d go for it.

3. For dynasty and keeper leagues, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are clearly safe investments. But what’s your projection for Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Weeden? Will we be able to have confidence in any of them by the end of this year?

I think Tannehill and Wilson are worth holding onto to watch their development. If they are surrounded by some more talent, I believe they can do good things.

4. Are you concerned about Wes Welker and his early usage?

No more than I was before the season. I believe he’ll see less work overall, but I also think he’ll still hit 100 receptions.

5. Lastly, who are your leading bust and breakout candidates?

I still love Percy Harvin and think he’ll be hard to contain this year. And I’m no fan of Frank Gore, even though he looked good in Week 1.