Football player wants to play football like macho football brute, but he can’t because he has a football injury. Now football man is sad.

This is the first of what will surely be 16 Greg Jennings updates we’ll have prior to tonight’s game, because we’re dealing with a major last-minute roster decision already here in Week 2. Although I’d argue that at this point since Jennings has already been listed as doubtful and his chances of playing reside only somewhere around 50-50, your decision should already be made. Sit him, because even if he tries to play tonight, he’ll be more Boobie Miles than Bobby Baun, and be limited and ineffective.

But some of you don’t have that luxury, because maybe you’re in a really deep keeper or dynasty league where James Jones and Randall Cobb were long gone at the draft, and therefore even Jennings at 60 or 70 percent is much better than no Jennings at all. To you, I give the gift of hope, courtesy of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols earlier today and PFT.

“While coaches held him out of practice yesterday, the staff did test him, running him through some drills. They were trying to see not only whether he could complete the drills, but also to just get a sense of his endurance throughout the drills. Then they’ll bring him in today, sort of measure his progress.”

This echos what Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said yesterday.

“They put him through everything. Testing in a number of different drills and then his endurance through the drill. I’ll get the evaluation and then, frankly, (Thursday) will be the deciding factor.”

So he was active yesterday, and pushing himself, and it sounds like he was generally almost, sort of, maybe doing things that a player with a healthy, fully functioning groin does.

There’s the slice of rainbow for those who have a glass that’s half filled with a fluid of some kind, and not half empty. The rest of us see what Jennings didn’t do: face even the faintest practice contact while running routes. That will be key today, and in the seemingly slim chance that he suits up tonight, his ability to cut and maintain his typical speed and elusiveness while facing contact from a defensive back will also determine his level of performance.

Answer me this, though, Jennings owners. Why is James Jones still so widely available? While his ownership has risen 11.9 percent in ESPN leagues, he’s still available in 74.8 percent of leagues there, a percentage that drops in Yahoo leagues, but only slightly to 63 percent.

Or better yet, maybe I can be that annoying guy who answers his own question. It seems that on Yahoo at least, the public at large has sided with Randall Cobb, whose ownership spiked to 72 percent. There’s no wrong choice between Cobb and Jones as an emergency fill-in for Jennings, especially with the Packers’ unique and creative usage of Cobb out of the backfield.

However, I’m still leaning towards Jones and giving him the edge. Cobb’s role isn’t changing, while Jones will be moving up to the No. 2 WR spot, and therefore he’ll likely receive a higher than normal volume of receptions and targets.