You could have Tim Tebow on your roster, which is insane but still remotely conceivable if you’re in one of those stupid deep leagues that have 18 teams and give third-string QBs value. Maybe you care very little about Mark Sanchez’s impressive debut last week, and maybe you’ve been plagued with running back injuries, and you’re desperate for a touchdown vulture.

Or maybe you’re just really religious, or you also enjoy long jogs in the pouring rain while topless. And really, don’t we all? Sometimes I don’t even wear pants while jogging in the rain.

Anywho, if you’re that one lunatic who’s starting Tebow today, know that you’re trotting out an especially beefy backup QB/wildcat toy after he ate FOUR PLATES OF FOOD during a dinner with Urban Meyer recently.

Give us your best investigative work, New York Post:

The chiseled, 236-pound signal-caller first chowed down on an eggplant dish and veal Sorrentino entree while breaking bread with Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer at Guerriero’s Ristorante, a hot eatery on the main drag of South Street in Morristown.

But the two plates of Neapolitan fare couldn’t satisfy the former Florida Gator.

While Meyer, his old college coach, pitched Tebow on the idea of helping him recruit for the Buckeyes, the devout diner focused on the food, even picking at Meyer’s meal of papardelle after he had plowed through his own.

But that wasn’t enough, either. So Tebow called an audible.

“I said, ‘Are you still hungry?’ And he said, ‘Yes,’ ” recalled restaurant owner Jack Guerriero. “So he ordered a papardelle for himself — and a second Sorrentino.”

Each dish comes with enough veal, mushrooms and peppers to choke an Indianapolis Colt.

“He was really eating. His head was down in the bowl,” Guerriero recalled.

Bolding is mine, the unquenchable hunger is Tebow’s. At this point if he ate a whole wheel of cheese, I wouldn’t even be mad. I’d be impressed.