Fantasy owners can never just have nice things. The amazing — like Reggie Bush returning to being late 2011 Reggie Bush, C.J. Spiller averaging over 10 yards per carry through his first two games(!!!), and Danny Amendola catching all of the footballs (15 receptions for 160 yards as of this writing), or Eli Manning throwing for 510 yards — always comes with an event which crushes our souls.

So with that I give you Aaron Hernandez, one half of the Patriots’ tight end juggernaut who left New England’s upset loss to Arizona today in the first half with an ankle injury. Shortly after he left word trickled out that the injury did not involve a bone bust of any kind, as his ankle isn’t broken. While that sounded encouraging, there are still muscles in feet and ankles that can be stretched, torn, and twisted, all of which sounds quite painful.

That’s why Pro Football Talk‘s Mike Florio is reporting that Hernandez will be out for up to six weeks. Please send someone to guard all bridges everywhere.

If Florio’s report is correct, then Hernandez — who had 59 receiving yards last week and a touchdown, and had 910 yards last year with seven TDs — will be lost to his owners until after the Patriots bye, and therefore not available to you until Week 10. That means he’ll return just in time for the stretch drive prior to the fantasy playoffs.

Clearly Rob Gronkowski owners are popping bottles filled with bubbly liquid, but more importantly, so are Wes Welker owners. Welker seemed to be lost after last week, and in danger of potentially drifting into a time share with Julian Edelman. But now since Hernandez is gone along with the slot targets that he draws, Welker could and should assume a greater presence again.

That was the case after Hernandez left today, as Welker had 95 receiving yards after finishing with only 14 last week.