For the most part, I hate Internet memes. Sometimes they start out clever or funny, but they all eventually get beaten into the ground by late comers who are trying to stay relevant (for example, a 45-year-old dad who’s still making Chuck Norris references in the year 2012).

Sometimes memes become living, breathing acts like planking, Tebowing, and Griffining, where people perform dumbass activities in public because they think a bunch of strangers on the Internet will be delighted. Guess what, we were delighted, the first 1.6 million times we saw it. Afterwards we grew tired of our social media feeds being choked by pictures of you looking like a complete dolt.

The NFL is not immune to such chicanery. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s Tebowing and Griffining, and there’s also Bradying. And now there’s Morganing.

What is Morganing you ask?

Morganing refers to Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan getting a 15-yard penalty after throwing the football at St. Louis Rams cornerback Courtland Finnegan, in reaction to a Finnegan shove after the whistle. The penalty put the Redskins out of field goal range, and ultimately cost them a chance to tie the game with under two minutes left in the fourth quarter yesterday.

So essentially Morganing is just gunning a football at someone’s head at an inopportune time, which is actually the kind of meme I could get behind.

Now if you’ll excuse me guys, I think I’m going to go “Morgan” my boss.

See you all at the unemployment line!

Hat tip to The D.C. Sports Nexus

*BONUS* This clip has never been more appropriate.