Those eyes are a cry for help.

Lost in the hysteria inducing Cardinals-Patriots game this Sunday was the thorough dismantling of the Patriots offensive line. Quentin Groves, Calais Campbell, Sam Acho and company terrorized Tom Brady from beginning to end in the most shocking result of the season thus far.

The Pats’ offensive line remains a work in progress – with the absence of all-pro Brian Waters remaining a source of consternation. Waters had one year left on a deal that would pay him $1.4 million – the team even allowed him to miss training camp so Waters could spend time with his family in Houston.

He never showed up, leading many to believe Waters wanted more money. This morning the Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza Young is reporting Waters turned down a raise:

The Patriots offered offensive lineman Brian Waters $4 million during training camp to play this season.
That’s almost triple the $1.4 million base that Waters is currently under contract to make for 2012 and would make him the second-highest paid lineman on the Patriots behind Logan Mankins. The $4 million offer was made in training camp, but was not public knowledge at the time.

Young speculates Waters want to stay close to home – he’s a father of five – and would love to play for the Texans. As we should know by now Bill Belichick will not let him join a fellow Championship contender in Houston and isn’t keen on trading him either.

They’ll have to make a decision soon. Here’s guessing Waters blinks first.