Game-time decisions are decided in the time before game time. Also, water is wet, the sky is blue, monsters are scary, and cats suck.

So, as we creep closer to that time tonight, know this, Jonathan Stewart owners: he’s probably not playing. You knew that, though, and hopefully you’ve already made alternative plans. But now it’s just been sort of, almost confirmed.

So thanks, PFT, and Mike Florio’s sources who told him that it “doesn’t look good” for Stewart tonight due to his ankle injury that he aggravated in Week 2. Since we’re not against becoming a record that isn’t rotating properly, repeat this with me again, because it’s a fact that can’t be emphasized enough for fantasy purposes: Thursday night games every week suck.

That’s a lesson Greg Jennings owners learned last week, and it’s one the Giants are especially learning tonight too with Hakeem Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Domenick Hixon out. Who knows, maybe those three Giants and Stewart would still be out if this game was being played in a more typical Sunday time slot. But three days is a long time in football land, a mystical place where injuries can heal quickly due to the help of multiple injections modern medical technology.

Of course, the flip side is that following tonight’s game both teams get essentially half of a bye week to lick their various wounds and gashes, giving them an advantage over their next opponent, and ideally allowing time for their key players to get healthy. So the suckiness of Thursday night is isolated to just this game, but that doesn’t reduce the level of suck that Stewart, Bradshaw, or Nicks owners are experiencing.

But for every foot injury there’s a foot raised triumphantly in the air, or something. Just as Victor Cruz and Martellus Bennett owners are rejoicing over Nicks’ absence, DeAngelo Williams owners are as excited as Christopher Columbus in a speed boat. Through two games the Giants have given up a moderate 222 rushing yards, which gives them an early middle tier rushing defense (ranked 16th) after giving up 121.2 yards per game on the ground last year.

Mike Tolbert will likely still vulture goal-line touches, or at least whatever goal-line touches Cam Newton doesn’t get, which is another benefit of Stewart’s absence as Superman’s already heavy short yardage role will increase. That means any points you get from Williams will primarily come from his rushing yards.

This I am certain of, though: he’ll have more than -1 yards, his Week 1 total. Book it.