After decades in the wilderness and dozens of inappropriate relationships with female grizzly bears, Jeremiah moved back to civilization. Some folks say he moved to Pittsburgh, changed his name to Brett, and took a job as a defensive end.

NFL football is serious business. It’s an eternal struggle, where brother battles against brother and friends become sworn enemies. Vast fortunes are won and lost on that sacred gridiron, a place where boys go to become men and men can be transformed into legends.

Wait…you think I’m talking about real football? I’m sorry, my mistake. What I was describing was fantasy football. Although I’m sure the real stuff is almost just as intense (but probably not as bloodthirsty).

Managing a virtual roster can get stressful, and it looks like you need a break. Seriously, the bags under your eyes could carry six weeks’ worth of groceries. And honestly, you look like shit.

So why don’t you sit back, relax, enjoy some goofy captions and try to forget that you weren’t fast enough to replace Greg Jennings or Jeremy Maclin in your lineup with something that even remotely resembles a serviceable wide receiver (Sean Tomlinson thinks you should still be able to grab Andrew Hawkins).

Thank you Shahid! But our princess is in another castle!


A record 78 dudes grabbed Donald Driver’s ass during this Lambeau leap.


“I’m a grower not a shower”


The baring of cleavage made this the most accurate recreation of Paul Revere’s ride of all time.


“I got the clipboard. You got the penalty flag. It’s all in the game though right?”

Vontae Davis just heard that you started Hakeem Nicks this week

Enjoy this Sunday’s games everyone!

Make sure to tinker with your line-up to an insane degree over the next couple of days before ultimately making a rash decision that will cripple your chances for fantasy football glory.


That's the Fairsley difference!