Jeremy Maclin played last week, and he played long enough to score a touchdown, giving him a score in two straight games. But then he didn’t play, and he sat, watched, and hurt.

It’s OK, because everybody hurts sometimes, Jeremy. This week, though, Maclin is hurting more, mostly because he’s suffering from being a Philadelphia Eagle, and having a bone-eating plague constantly hovering around his very essence at all times.

He also has a hip pointer, which is painful and bothersome enough that head coach Andy Reid has already ruled him out for the Eagles game Sunday in Arizona. It’s the same injury that Maclin suffered in Week 1, and it put his status in serious doubt throughout all of last week until he was finally cleared to play. Then he quickly re-aggravated it in the second quarter.

There’s something about the name “hip pointer” that sounds pleasant and gentle. Like c’mon kid, it’s just a little pointer, get back in there. Pointers should be just above bruises and oven burns in terms of their severity.

And I’ve come to that conclusion for two reasons:

1. I’m an idiot

2. Although I suffered many injuries throughout my younger quasi serious sports playing days, a hip pointer was not one of them. Wikipedia would like me — and you — to know that the pain associated with such an injury is akin to being roasted by the fiery torch of Satan.

A hip pointer is a contusion on the pelvis caused by a direct blow or a bad fall at an iliac crest and / or hip bone and a bruise of the abdominal muscles (transverse and oblique abdominal muscles). Surrounding structures such as the tensor fascia lata and the greater trochanter may also be affected. The injury results from the crushing of soft tissue between a hard object and the iliac crest.

So what should you do, desperate Maclin owner? Well, we wrote glowing things about Andrew Hawkins yesterday while pumping him as an option for Greg Jennings owners, and he’s still more available than Paris Hilton on a Saturday. After 142 receiving yards through two games — including a 50-yard TD reception last week — Hawkins remains a free agent in 80 percent of Yahoo leagues, and 95 percent of ESPN leagues.

Hawkins has a decent matchup against the Redskins too. So grab him, and do it now, because at this point in the week long after waiver claims have gone through, the pickings are slim. That’s because it’s Friday, Friday, and everybody’s got to get down on Friday.