We’re a day late with your weekly stimulation through repeated moving pictures. GIF gate keeper Scott Lewis took a brief sabbatical to visit his homeland on Canada’s majestic east coast, a place where 95-year-old women shoot moose, and that’s just your average Tuesday.

But that turned out to be a cleverly disguised blessing, because now we’ve provided Packers fans with a way to watch the controversial ending of last night’s game throughout their entire work day, week, and year. Please don’t hurt me.

The blown call of the week millennium

The indecision of the week

The hat throw of the week

The sign from above that your offense is terrible of the week

The complete disregard for player safety of the week

The easiest pick six in history of the week

The (other) head missile of the week

The (third) head missile of the week

The hands of the week