"You're dead to me."

Lost in the aftermath of the blown call heard round the world was a week in which coaches around the league snapped, and directed their venom at the least popular people in professional sports.

Bill Belichick grabbed an official after the Ravens game winning field goal, in search for an explanation as to why the kick counted – and the referees’ still beating heart, he wanted that too. In the same game John Harbaugh ‘bumped’ into a ref. According to Steve Wyche, Belichick will receive a fine for his actions while Harbaugh will avoid the wrath of Goodell, at least for now.

Meanwhile everyone’s favorite nepotastic offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was fined $25,000 for berating the referees after the Redskins loss on Sunday.

Here’s a thought – with all this added revenue generated by Roger Goodell and his minions at NFL HQ perhaps the gap between the owners and the locked out refs could be satiated. Last night we learned the league and referee union talked into the night with some of the more ‘hardline’ owners getting involved.

Though this is clearly a good sign, a lot of work has to be done. The gap between the owners and the union appears to be $3.3 million per season – the difference between a defined-benefit pension plan to a defined-contribution system, the latter of which is favored by the league.

Analysts around the NFL, including Ross Tucker, believe this could signal the beginning of the end for a debacle that has tarnished a league that was bullet proof. With another week of replacement officials working – I use that term loosely – the sidelines we’re bound to see more NFL coaches  lose their shit and rack up fines which can then be used to pay the refs. Though this may sound like the rantings of a crazed conspiracy theorist – you did this to me, Roger – it all makes sense.

It’ll be like a telethon, with the coach that pushes the NFL past their fundraising goal awarded with a large calzone. The smart money is on one of the Harbaughs.

So remember – the next time you’re thinking of donating to charity, send that check the NFL and their downtrodden owners. Every dollar counts.

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