I am not a perfect human. I have flaws.

Example: this morning while on public transit I was distracted by my phone because I happened to see a tweet telling of a video which showed a tiny turtle attempting to eat a tomato. My reaction was an instant click, because YOLO, dammit. At first, I didn’t regret this decision, because nothing says pre-coffee morning stimulation quite like a turtle trying to eat a cherry tomato. Don’t judge me.

However, while distracted by the turtle and his tomato adventures, I had a head-on collision with a fellow commuter and felt shame. Still, it was so worth it.

So no, I am not a perfect creation, and neither are you. Here’s another reason why: like you, I forgot about Jerome Simpson’s overwhelming presence on the waiver wire, and the need to add him now if you have the slightest hole at wide receiver.

Simpson was admittedly an oversight while I was putting together my waiver wire recommendations earlier this week. That happens when a player is suspended and therefore has been a complete afterthought over the first three weeks of the season. How much has Simpson been forgotten? Welp, two days after waiver claims went through he’s still available in 80 percent of Yahoo leagues, and 94 percent of ESPN leagues.

Simpson does one thing, and he does it really well. He runs very far down a football field, and he catches a ball. Despite Christian Ponder’s success over the first three games, a deep threat is the one element the Vikings’ offense has missed sorely. Sure, Ponder hasn’t thrown an interception yet, and he has a passer rating of 104.9 with a completion percentage of 70.1 to go along with his 41 rushing yards.

Those are all highly encouraging numbers, and they’re the reason why Ponder’s stock is rising quickly. But the deep ball is lacking, because there’s no one available to catch said ball if Ponder throws it a great distance. Through three games the Vikings have completed only six passes for 20 yards or more (tied for 29th). Consequently, Ponder’s yardage has also suffered, as he’s averaging only 237.7 yards per game.

As we enter bye weeks when Ponder could be started much more often, that’s the last hurdle he needs to clear before his fantasy value skyrockets even further. He needs yards, and he needs them now.

So enter Simpson, and his speed that will be used immediately, and will be highly effective with Percy Harvin continuing to draw a high volume of targets on intermediate routes. Last year in Cincinnati, Simpson had 50 receptions for 725 yards, which sounds like it’s filled with so much meh until you consider his significant boom potential, making him ideal for a WR3 or flex play during the upcoming byes.

Of those catches last year, 26 percent of them were for 20 yards or more. That includes an 84 yarder, and his deep ball ability led to three 100-yard games even though Simpson was the secondary receiver behind A.J. Green, and even though he was dealing with a rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton, who at the time had about as much starting experience as Ponder has now.

He’s a depth option during a time when manipulating your depth becomes vital. This week Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown owners need some boom potential in their lineups, and next week the list of prominent WR byes grows and gets scarier with Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Vincent Jackson sitting out.

Meanwhile, Simpson is waiting, and he’s widely available.