This was scary. It starts with Dannell Ellerbe’s shoulder, and its forceful impact with Josh Cribbs’ head. Then there’s the flying helmet, leaving the head exposed as Cribbs bounces off the turf.

Amazingly, he walked off the field after laying motionless for a few minutes, and he seemed to be pleading with the Browns’ training staff, asking to stay in the game before leaving for the locker room. There was no penalty on the play since Cribbs was retuning a punt, and therefore wasn’t a defenseless player.

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  1. Browns coach Shurmur said Cribbs suffered a concussion

  2. Not many people want to talk about it, but having dreadlocks, like Cribbs has, counteracts much of a football helmet’s effectiveness. A helmet is designed to fit very tight to the player’s head and should not be able to shift at all when a player is hit. His hair acts as a non-static layer between the players’ heads and the helmet padding. So, as he moves his helmet is more likely to shift and put him in a more vulnerable position when contact occurs. The problem is exaggerated further because the when there is space between the helmet and the head the head absorbs part of the hit and does the helmet’s job. In essence, the exterior of the helmet is it and then the interior hits the player’s head because it wasn’t fastened tight enough. I obviously don’t know Josh Cribbs, but I’ll wager that he likes his helmet to feel comfortable and not “too tight”. The problem with that though is you never know when you’ll get hit hard enough to need your helmet done up properly. As you watch the video, notice his chin strap did not come undone. A properly secured helmet should never pop off if the chin-strap is still fastened, which infers that the helmet was fitted to loosely. Unfortunately for Cribbs, he paid a tough price for not having his helmet done up properly. The Browns lost one of their playmakers and he might have easily cost himself his career and at least another nice contract. Lesson to be learned; cut your hair and tighten that helmet up properly!! You might be able to last a few years longer in the league and a few more paydays!!

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