After deliberating for 187 minutes, he still made the wrong call.

It’s been an interesting week in the world of football. The replacement referees made several catastrophic and game-altering calls, Roger Goodell found enough change in his couch to coax the real referees back to the NFL, and I was reminded that the Lingerie Football League was still a real thing.

I stand amidst this sea of change as the only constant left in your life. Well, that’s probably not true. But no matter what happens in the NFL on any given week, you can be sure I’ll be here writing vaguely funny captions about it.

This week we’ll see: Bob Griffin in an erotically compromising position, Barry Richardson enjoying some classic literature, a Dolphin themed juggalo, and the play that launched a million tweets.

No matter how hard he tried, no one would believe Bob when he claimed that he had suffered a snake bite and Manny was just sucking the venom out.


After Manny failed, Rob Ryan was quick to offer his services to Bob.


Fucking quarterbacks, how do they work?


Leroy’s shirt emporium had to recall thousands of Broncos shirts after it was discovered that they accidentally had the word “The” printed on them.


"It was so tragic the way they hopped on pop."


Pictured: The play that cost me my entire life savings. Bookies are scheduled to beat me to death at three this afternoon. Which is lucky for me, because The Price is Right is over by noon.

Glad to have you back gentlemen. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled program of actively hating you by this time next week.

Enjoy the weekend folks, and don’t forget to write your own captions in the comments section. The person who writes the funniest caption will win my undying love, the home version of Captioning the NFL, and a ride in a moderately-priced family sedan as long as we both agree to split on the cost of gas.*


“We’ve got a saying around here: get used to it, Hitler.”

*No actual prizes will be awarded.