Earlier this week, a Las Vegas casino offered refunds to any gamblers who lost money during Monday night’s Seahawks/Packers fiasco (known in many circles as the “Monday night screw-job” and “Golden Gate”).

Unfortunately for you, here at 100 Yards and Running we aren’t giving out refunds. So if you don’t pay us the money you owe by Sunday, we’re going send some hired goons over to your house to break your legs.

Here are this week’s props, but please, make sure you don’t wager money you can’t afford to lose. I don’t want to be responsible for little Timmy not having his medicine money. And if you do lose, don’t try to skip town on us, we have an army of hired goons who are specially trained in the fine art of “swinging a heavy sack of doorknobs”.

Week 4 Props

1. After the honeymoon period is over, how many bad calls will it take before coaches realize they hate the real referees almost as much as the scabs? (o/u: 2.5)

BONUS: How many hours shorter will the average game be now that the referees won’t need to hold an excruciatingly long conference every time they decide to pick up a flag? (o/u: 1)

2. During the Jets/49ers game, how many snaps will Mark Sanchez take before he’s replaced by Tim Tebow in a desperate and misguided attempt to kick-start a failing New York offense?  (o/u: 10)

3. How many points will Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hang on the hapless New Orleans Saints’ defense? (o/u: 36.5)

4. In Sunday’s game against the Eagles, how many points will the Giants be down in the fourth quarter before Eli Manning decides it’s time to play football, and inevitably leads the team to another come from behind victory? (o/u: 14.5)

5. After this weekend, how many fantasy football owners will finally give up on Chris Johnson? (o/u: ALL OF THEM!)

6. How many members of the NFLRA will abandon their Sunday afternoon assignments to make a permanent move to the LFL? (o/u: 2.5)

7. How much time (in hours), will fantasy owners collectively hold their breath every time Ryan Mathews makes physical contact with another human being on the football field? (o/u: 68.5)

8. How many NFL teams will show interest in recently released “soldier” Kellen Winslow? (o/u: 1)

9. How many CFL teams will eventually cut recently released “soldier” Kellen Winslow? (o/u: 2.5)

10. After the Texans/Titans game on Sunday, How much flesh (in square inches) will be missing from Matt Schaub’s left ear? (o/u: 0.5)