The parking lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium is a wonderful place.

Copious amounts of binge drinking, poorly played flag football between awkward Canadians and their Upstate New York brethren and unbridled hatred of our rivals makes it a pretty special chunk of urine soaked asphalt. For a team that manages to suck in new and devastating ways it’s a large reason why going to games remains tolerable. Sort of like group therapy for masochists.

For a couple of hours it looked alright. Donald Jones’ 68-yard touchdown a few minutes into the third quarter made the score 21-7. From there the Bills righted the universe and proceeded to do what they do best – implode when faced with a modicum of adversity.

Scores from Danny Woodhead, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski gave the Pats a 28-21 lead. Brandon Bolden and Stevan Ridley combined for 414,000 yards and made the Bills vaunted front four – god I’m tired of writing that – look absolutely helpless. Fumbles, interceptions and soul crushing drives from the Patriot offense combined to make this one a laugher.

Watching Bianca Wilfork celebrate after her husband decapitated Donald Jones in the midst of this bludgeoning reminded me why I hate New England so damn much – not to mention the Brandon Spikes head shot on an unsuspecting Scott Chandler after Fitz threw another interception in the fourth quarter. Pure class.

Bitterness aside – I got that in spades – this Pats team is incredibly balanced on the offensive side of the ball. Last year Brady relied on Gronkowski, Welker and Aaron Hernandez to a fault – he didn’t have much choice. The additions of Ridley, Bolden and Brandon Lloyd make this team an offensive juggernaut. The defense still looks sketchy at times, but Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower are going to terrorize the league.

For the Bills – I don’t know. The defense looked absolutely atrocious in the second half. After managing to hold Brady & Co. to seven points, they could not adjust to the tweaks made by Josh McDaniels. It’s the second time we’ve been horribly out coached in just four games. Good god.

Offensively the Bills have to run the ball constantly – in order to keep the ball out of the hands of Fitzmagic – which wasn’t happening. A combination of Chan Gailey continuing to be terrible at calling plays and a Patriots defense that played well made the latter portions of this game especially painful. I miss Brian Moorman.

And so we listened to Dan Dierdorf yammer on like a folksy robot from the 1970s as the Patriots embarrassed the Bills for what seems like the 5,000 time in my relatively short life. On to next week – I hear those 49ers are pretty good. If you need me I’ll be drinking a bottle of Jack in the gutter. Say hello.