Headline written in all caps super bold angry screaming out of respect to Ryan Mathews owners everywhere, and their searing pain.

The Chargers are crushing the Chiefs 17-0 with just over three minutes still left in the first quarter. Normally, this would be fantastic news which fills the Mathews owner with unabashed glee, because surely the Chargers’ top running back is involved in such an early snot pounding, yes?

No. In fact, he’s contributed only negative yardage. Welcome to your nightmare.

The Chargers have needed three drives to score those 17 points, and during their offensive throat cutting they’ve attempted seven runs, six of which have gone to Mathews’ supposed backup Jackie Battle. That led to Battle scoring San Diego’s most recent touchdown on a one-yard run at the goal line, and having 19 yards thus far. Mathews? He has -1 yards on his one carry, while Battle also added two catches for 32 yards. Everything is happening.

UPDATE: Mathews now has -2 yards on three carries. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!1

This all comes just a few days after Chargers GM A.J. Smith publicly chastised Mathews for his fumbling, saying that if he doesn’t win his battle with fumblitis (he lost a fumble last week, and has fumbled 11 times over just 27 games), he’ll eventually become “someone else’s fumbler.”

For now, he’s still your fumbler. Stay safe out there.