"I'm going to catch all of the footballs today. Cool?"

That’s the same question we asked about Dennis Pitta on Friday when he didn’t have a reception while being targeted only once throughout the Ravens’ Thursday night win over Cleveland. We told you not to panic, because there’s plenty of reason to believe Pitta’s sudden disappearance was and will be an outlier.

Now Julio Jones didn’t have a reception in the first half of Atlanta’s game today against Carolina, and there’s at least a little reason to worry. But only your pinky toe should be dangling from a ledge.

Jones had 189 receiving yards through three games, and he’s averaging five receptions per game, with six his high and four his low. But there’s a bit of a downward trend developing here in which Jones has faded slightly behind Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. He’s only a week removed from having only 14 yards on an absurdly low 3.5 per catch during Atlanta’s Week 2 win over Denver.

His longest reception in that game was still only six yards. That’s alarming for a receiver whose game is built on speed and stretching a secondary deep, and right now White is being used in that role more often.

White already has 92 yards at halftime with two touchdowns, one of which came on a 49-yard bomb.