Every week, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick seems to get absolutely crushed at least a dozen times. Each time he drops back to pass, thousands of fantasy football owners suddenly transform into religious zealots, quietly praying for Vick to escape the play unscathed.

I have no problem with religion. I just think it’s strange that fans fervently pray for their teams to win, or for their fantasy players to perform. If there is a God, he doesn’t care about your fantasy football team and it’s quasi-clever name (usually an obscure Simpsons reference).

It seems that some of you weren’t praying hard enough, because on the Eagles’ final play from scrimmage on Sunday (a game the Eagles won 19-17), Vick tweaked his knee and came up limping.

“Something happened with my knee on the last drive,” Vick told reporters after the game.  “I’m all right though.  I’ll be ready for next week.  Hopefully.”

I don’t like the sound of that “hopefully”. Vick is already wearing a flak-jacket type vest because of his tender ribs, so if this knee injury kills his mobility, he’ll be a sitting duck out there waiting to get hammered into oblivion.

So be very afraid Vick owners…or don’t, at this point no one is sure how severe the injury is.

And stop bothering God about this; he’s got better things to do, like trying to solve the NHL’s labour strife.