At this point in the week, Matt Forte’s injury status doesn’t make your hair turn several shades of grey quite like it did a few days ago. You’ve already made your decision, and now nature must take its course.

The conservative among you dug into your depth and used an RB3 given the still lingering uncertainty around the Bears running back after his limited practice participation all week. Monday night games are still the worst, because even though you may feel confident in a key players’ health, a Monday game-time decision that doesn’t fall in your favor renders one of your roster spots useless.

The more frisky and risky Forte owners slotted him in, rolling their proverbial dice. But even those dangerous ledge walkers hopefully have Michael Bush as a handcuff, and can pull him off the bench if Forte is ruled out just hours before game time later tonight. Without that option, putting Forte in your lineup wasn’t advisable, as it could potentially be a very easy way to lose. There’s also the Cowboys’ run defense led by Sean Lee that’s a less than ideal landing spot for an RB who likes to cut and dance, and is recovering from an ankle injury.

Know this, though, Forte owner: you’ll definitely be waiting all day for an answer. So tell your boss about this pressing personal situation, and go home.

During a radio appearance this morning, Bears head coach Lovie Smith confirmed what seemed inevitable, saying that Forte is indeed facing a game-time call:

“It’s a game-time decision for Matt. He’s made a lot of progress. We’ll get over to the stadium, see how he does then and decide.”

So there’s your Monday distraction. Monitor Forte’s situation closely all day during every minute that you’re at your desk, and if you have a job interview, do it then too. First impressions are still the market efficiency.

If you need another distraction, please watch this dog voluntarily slide down stairs repeatedly for no apparent reason.