Last night, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo held a charitable interception demonstration, hoping to show the disenfranchised youth of Texas how not to toss the pigskin during an organized game of football. The Chicago Bears were the recipient of Romo’s charity, and used his unparalleled kindness to win 34-18.

Early in the game (charitable demonstration), Bears’ QB Jay Cutler decided he needed to have a bit of a rest, and sat down on the bench. Offensive coordinator Mike Tice followed him to the bench in an attempt to engage Cutler in conversation (“see what Romo is doing, don’t do that”). This is what happened…


Is there beef between Cutler and Tice? Is a locker room war brewing between coach and player that can only be solved by a duel (pistols at dawn)? Does Tice’s diet consist only of onions and Cutler was just trying to escape his noxious breath? Was Cutler just thirsty?

Yeah, it turns out he was just thirsty.

Q: Cameras showed you sitting down, Tice walking up and you walking away. Is that about communication?

JC: It’s not anything. I don’t have to sit by him the whole game, do I?

Q: Were you upset with him at that point?

JC: No. What are we looking for here.

Q: It looked like you blew him off?

JC: We can’t read into everything. I get you guys gotta sell papers, it’s tough out there. You can’t blow up every headline. Things happen during football games, you know, just because I walk off and get water doesn’t mean much.

I guess we were all making mountains out of molehills. Although the quote “I don’t have to sit by him the whole game, do I?” makes my heart smile, it just seems like a very polite burn.

Hat tip to The Big Lead for the GIF