And by extension, the Jets could be too, along with Mark Sanchez. It’s been a slice, you guys.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and although there are sources attached to this latest report, it’s a highly-connected rumor at this point. Read Manish Mehta’s words carefully:

“The feeling in the organization”

That’s been the feeling ever since Santonio Holmes was carted off the field Sunday during the Jets’ loss to San Francisco. Or at least it was for fans and Holmes owners, but the Jets have only confirmed so far that their top receiver won’t play in Week 5, and he’ll likely be out multiple weeks.

So how will this impact the Jets’ season? With their top defender (Darrelle Revis) already gone, and now their top receiver also possibly lost for the year, the explosion will look something like this…

Mmmmm, exploding Jets season.

The same delicious combustion can be applied to whatever fantasy value Sanchez has left. Combine the loss of his top receiver with Dustin Keller’s still nagging hamstring, and Sanchez will remain lost and wayward without any experienced options who garner respect. Holmes’ absence is crushing since he’s the Jets’ primary (and only?) deep option, but playing without his top tight end who thrives while running intermediate routes has also been difficult for Sanchez. Keller led the team in receptions (65) and receiving yards (815) last year.

Stephen Hill will benefit the most as he ascends to become the No. 1 receiver if Holmes is indeed out for the year. He’s the automatic add in deep leagues for the Holmes owner, a statement made with two assumptions: 1. he’s available in your league (22.5 percent owned in ESPN leagues, and 20 percent in Yahoo leagues), and 2. he’s healthy. Hill missed Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury, and he may miss at least one more game.

Another desperation add is Jeremy Kerley, who’s value will climb a little higher this week if Hill is out again. Kerley has plenty of speed, and he now becomes a high upside flier after scoring twice and averaging 49.3 receiving yards through four games despite his burial on the depth chart.

Then there’s the plight of the Sanchez. Every word of criticism against him is about to become cruelly unfair and borderline maniacal given the depressing lack of support he’ll receive from an inexperienced WR corps with Holmes out, and a running game that still barely exists.

Unfortunately, Mark, fair has never been in the vocabulary of football management. Important men on the sidelines and in executive suites need to keep their jobs, so despite the quickly crumbling pillars around him, Sanchez could be replaced very soon.

#Tebowtime beckons.