On a dreary day in Toronto, Saints interim coach (the second) Aaron Kromer has provided me with the inspiration to get by. The world is my oyster, O captain my captain and so forth. Yes, Dead Poets Society was on television the other day.

Kromer and the Saints are in a big hole four games into the season. Trailing the Falcons by what feels like ten games, their season is effectively over. Bountygate, screwing with Brees and an abysmal opening to the season could get anyone down. But Kromer finds himself in an interesting place. Perhaps the one person to come out of the mess that is the Saints ahead is Kromer. Offensive Line coaches rarely get their moment in the sun. After original  interim coach Joe Vitt was suspended and the Saints failed to get anyone with experience to take over Рwhat in the world Mickey Loomis was doing during the last two months I have no idea -  Kromer could learn what it takes to be the head man with little to no pressure Рespecially now. No sane thinking individual will lay the bloody carcass of the Saints 2012 season at his feet.

It’s why I’m not surprised he said this on Wednesday:

“No loss is easy to take, but you can see more positives and so you would have more of a brighter outlook on the future,” Kromer said, via The Advocate. “We really feel that we’re on the cusp of getting on a roll.”

B.S of the sincere variety is always appreciated. Drew Brees will give his team an opportunity to win every week. Unfortunately, the spectacular Quarterback is paired with a defense so exceptionally bad that it doesn’t matter how gaudy Brees’ numbers are. Jobs will be lost when this year from the depths of hell finishes, but Kromer should be kept around. It isn’t his fault Steve Spagnuolo has failed to do his job.