We here at 100 Yards & Running like to consider ourselves as a non-partisan entity. Yes, the shit eating grin on my face as I type this says otherwise, but really -  it’s true.

The first American Presidential debate takes place in Denver tonight. Mitt Romney has prepared an arsenal of spin-proof zingers that are sure to turn a one-sided race into a slightly less one-sided contest. Barack Obama is tasked with looking like he gives a damn as he’s got slightly bigger issues to deal with.

The ESPN-ization of American politics has been fascinating to watch. Minute by minute coverage featuring a plethora of random pundits, each with their own brand of bullshit peddling abilities is no longer a unique quality of the sporting world.

With that in mind lets play a classic game that’s bound to inflame – or in the best case scenario – spark some conversation. You guessed correctly, it’s the match game.

Mitt Romney is the Arizona Cardinals

The most surprising team in the NFL are the 4-0 Cardinals. A defense chalk full of play making superstars – Patrick Peterson is a treat to watch – coupled with great special teams has made the Cards the darlings of the NFC. The elephant in the room is the situation at Quarterback. Can you trust Kevin Kolb? The maligned QB is ninth in Passer rating – second in the NFL on third downs – while playing without the happy feet that plagued him before he placed John Skelton in week 1. The Cardinals will go as far as their new and improved signal caller will take them. Mitt would do well to channel the new Kolb tonight. Don’t play scared. And go easy with the zingers, man. In the time it took me to write this post Romney made $90,193 dollars. Damn.

Barack Obama is the Green Bay Packers

To their own displeasure, the Packers have been involved in some of the more jaw dropping moments of the season thus far. The Touchception in Seattle and the missed Darren Sproles fumble have some of the most level headed Packers fans crying foul. Much like Obama’s first term, the Packers have both external and internal forces to blame for their lack of success. The offense was plodding and the defense – yikes. But all is not lost. Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers picked up the tempo in their win against New Orleans on Sunday. They’ve faced three top flight defenses and come away 2-2. Their schedule also opens up going forward. Put your Bears fandom aside and watch the Packers, Barack – keep calm and carry on.

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